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Forest Animal Set

Forest Animal Set

SKU: 22

Forest Animal Set, simple and fun wooden toy and great souvenir


Our wooden forest animal set contains 3 animals and is a great open-ended educational toy. You can spend time together with your child learning about our Canadian animals in a playful way. Simple designs, playful and chunky sized figures are perfect for little hands to hold and use. They will also be a great souvenir and look beautiful as room decor in any home. 


As all of our toys the forest animal set is cut by hand and finished with food contact safe danish oil. 


Safe $5 when purchasing this forest animal set versus single forest animals. 


Please note that the colour of the maple wood can vary from light to darker (see pictures).  If you choose a mix of hardwood for your set you will get one animal of each wood type (any combination is possible).


This Set contains:

  • Bear: approx. 3" (height) x 4.5" (width) x 3/4" (thickness)
  • Moose: approx. 3.75" (height) x 4.5" (width) x 3/4" (thickness)
  • Deer: approx. 4.5" (height) x 3.5" (width) x 3/4" (thickness)


Age: 0+ Years


Wooden toys give children a taste for natural beauty and simplicity. Simple shapes help children discover their own creativity, use their imagination and give them an opportunity to create endless ways of play. Engaging with safe, handcrafted wooden objects lets children discover toys with all their senses: smell of the sweet natural wood, feeling the wood grain and textures, see nature in toys, no overstimulating added noises and babies love to explore the world with their mouths (food contact safe finishes).



• All of our toys are made from Canadian sourced hardwood, sanded by hand to assure smooth edges and finished with food contact safe danish oil

• This item is handmade and may be slightly different in wood grain and tone from what you see in pictures, you get a unique piece!

  • Care Instructions

    Wooden toys are not meant to be submerged in water. Store them in a dry place and wipe with clean, damp cloth if needed. 

    Avoid bumping and dropping toys. They are made from solid hardwood and can withstand a fall, but like to be cared for. 

  • Safety

    Your little one should ALWAYS be supervised when using our products. Our products should ALWAYS be inspected prior to use and should NEVER be left unattended with your little one. Please remember wood is a natural item and natural variations can occur; therefore it should be handled carefully and attentively to prevent any damage. Natural wood can crack or break with forceful impact or improper handling. If you notice wear or breakage, DO NOT give the item to your little one and discard.